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LET'S PARTY! Join the whole entire cast as we celebrate 200 episodes of The Plunge. Hunter and Riley are joined by all of our favorite regulars including Tuba, Will, Jack, Kyle, BLT, and even Stew for his centennial appearance. We take calls and voicemails from some of our favorite friends, tiktokers, and podcasting community members, and run a hoax Luke Bryan prank call radio contest on Wills coworker. Hunter's butt stuff status is on the line for the next 200 - and apparently episode 300 means nothing and it's 200 more or bust. Also like... John Mayer is sick af, comment below if you agree


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Riley Trudel

Executive Producer

& Co-Host

6' 3"

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The Hunt

Ambassador of Depression


& Content Creator

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Hunter & Riley take the plunge and dive into the intricacies to growing up and navigating their twenties, all while making you feel young again. This fast paced comedy show will wake you up and give you the little jolt you need to start your day. From being a first time homeowner, failing and succeeding at dating, and much more. Join them on their journey of growing up. Only available on the Inner Circle Podcast Network and on twitter @PlungePodcast