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Latest Episode

We've infiltrated Mike525rockets inner circle and he has waged war on Timothy Robert Castles, which side of The Plunge civil war will you find yourself on? Also Dave joins us to talk casinos, Riley watched the entirety of Ted Lasso in 2 days and also unfortunately watched Dune, which is just awful. We talk the new episode of Dexter: New Blood and how the new series looks incredible, and how Hunter watched a group in school completely miss the assignment with a dope coffee shop. We end with some Toks per usual and a banger outro song about a good bad boy.

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Riley Trudel

Executive Producer & Co-Host

6' 3"


Hunter Marcoux

Content Creator &


5' 2"

Hunter & Riley take the plunge and dive into the intricacies to growing up and navigating their twenties, all while making you feel young again. This fast paced comedy show will wake you up and give you the little jolt you need to start your day. From being a first time homeowner, failing and succeeding at dating, and much more. Join them on their journey of growing up. Only available on the Inner Circle Podcast Network and on twitter @PlungePodcast